Sanziene, the Mysterious, Gentle Summer Fairies

Romanians believe that on the night before the 24th of June, the skies open and the Sanziene are coming down on Earth. Sanziene is gracious fairies that sprinkle magic on plants and bless the nature with abundance and fertility. Many beautiful traditions surround this celebration, tightly related to Summer Solstice too.

Sanziene is always good and kind to humans. Romanian tradition says that they fly over meadows, smelling and touching the wildflowers, enriching them with special healing properties. Moreover, on Sanziene’s Eve, it is said that the fairies bless the animals and the fountains, strengthen the marriages, heal people of different diseases and they like to dance and sing until dawn.

Sprinkling plants with magical curing properties

Romanians believe that Sanziene has a lot to do with the power that the medicinal plants from this country have. The 24th of June is the perfect day for collecting plants.  Fairies fly through the air or descend the fields and forests and give the plants medicinal effects to help people cure their diseases.

Sanziene is also the Romanian name of a wildflower (called also dragaica), commonly known as the Lady's bedstraw, frequently used in ancient healing potions. This flower can be found in different teas and tinctures that have curing properties:

Ancient rites for the fairies

Traditional texts talk about peasant celebrations around this day:

At that time of year when the seeds start to ripen, all the peasants' girls gather and choose the most beautiful of them, whom they name Dragaica (The Blessed One). They take her to the fields, they a wreath of wildflowers or wheat put on her head and many-colored scarves. They take her on the fields with great celebrations and they give her the keys from the barns”.

Traditions and superstitions

On the eve of Sanziene (June 23 to 24) in the evening, girls who want to get married meet to the unmarried young man. The man light bonfires and dance around it in the way the sun moves; At the same time, the girls run to pick up flowers and weave wreaths. With them, they return to the village and throw them over the house. If the wreath remains on the roof, the girls will get married in that same year.

Whoever does not honor the Sanziene (does not pick them, does not weave crowns, etc.) attracts punishments from the Good Fairies. They can scatter the storm, hail, and destroy crops.

In Maramures there is a tradition for unmarried girls to wash in the morning, in the dew of Sanziene morning, to have children.

Also in Maramures, the flowers of Sanziene are woven in the form of a Cross and taken to the Church, they are sanctified and then they are placed at the crossroads to help with the abundance of the fields for that year

To be healthy and get better at work, peopleware around their waste chicory flowers on the day of Sanziene.

Celebrate with us!

The essence of Magic Roots concept is that we respect and celebrate traditions and cultures. We believe traditional artisans connected to nature and its secrets create products that bring magic to our lives. Our mission is to support these people and to promote their culture.

Magic Products inspired by Sanziene

MAGICAL TEAS WITH CURING PROPERTIES You have a wide selection of teas with magical curing properties. The teas are produced by Alessia Plant, a small teas artisan from the Oradea area, Romania. The Ilas family has a tradition of several generations in collecting and processing medicinal plants, but also in the art of combining plants, in order to achieve remedies with magical healing properties. The plants used in Alessia Plant teas and tinctures are hand-picked by the Ilas family directly from the secret forests of Apuseni Mountains, forests known for their high energetic value.

MOUNTAIN FLOWERS HONEY (HAYSTACK HONEY) Mountain poly-flower honey is considered the most complex type of honey as therapeutic action. It encompasses the nectar of several tens and hundreds of medicinal plants and borrows some of the therapeutic properties of each of them. Haystack poly-flower honey has an energizing, tonic effect. It is also recommended in heart disease, insomnia, cramps, constipation, fever.

RAPESEED HONEYis a basic ingredient in cosmetic masks. Thanks to its rich content in vitamin E, it fights effectively against skin aging, maintaining its tonicity and elasticity. It is also an effective remedy for kidney, stomach, heart, respiratory, and osteoporosis. It can also be used prophylactically, preventing liver, pancreatic and splenic diseases. Moreover, thanks to its antibacterial properties, this honey destroys bacterias 


iLAVENDER FLOWER WATERs a by-product, 100% natural, resulting from the distillation process of lavender flowers. It is a hydrolate with regenerating effect, soothing and tonic for skin, skin, eye contour, with very good results for sensitive skin. Reduces mental stress when applied to the eye contour by rapid absorption into the capillaries. And can be used as a home air freshener too...

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OILhas a calming, relaxing effect, helps relieve headaches, fights depression, stress and nervous tension regulate blood pressure; Relaxes muscle tension, relieves joint and muscle pain, and gives relaxation and flexibility to people experiencing back neck or rheumatism; it is also a great insect repellent.


LAVENDER SOAP, CHAMOMILE, AND PATCHOULIIt is recommended to use this soap in the evening bath because chamomile lavender and patchouli induce relaxation, induce calm, and drowsiness, all three belonging to the category of oils that treat insomnia, anxiety or mild depression. Patchouli helps remove pigment spots on the skin, remove acne or rashes, and the antibacterial property, like lavender, helps prevent acne. It moisturizes and removes the appearance of dry, dehydrated skin (has a repairing effect on skin lesions).

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