Artisanal Spring Fair in Brussels - 21/2, 28/2, 7/3

🌱🌷 Spring is right around the corner and we can already see some beams of light and how the sun shakes off its shyness and comes to say hi. It's that time of the year when everything seems to zumm, to come back to live.  
⌛ We are already preparing ourselves to celebrate it properly, in the Romanian way. Come and travel with us in these beautiful Romanian traditions and join the Artisanal Spring Fair in Brussels 🇷🇴 🇧🇪. It’s the place where you will discover authentic and hand-crafter items done by small, but very talented artisans.

What can you purchase? 

Martisoare, romanian blouses, artisanal foods, natural honey, beauty care products, hand-crafter jewelry and many more.


Our participants are more than excited and glad to share their passion with us, so it would be a pity to miss out this great opportunity to get together. 
Alexa Natural Cosmetics – founded by Alexandra, a lover of health, nature and beauty. She started creating cosmetics with 100% natural ingredients out of love and care for the wellbeing and health of her family.
Find her here:
Daniela Iacob – a complex artist that started her adventure around 11 years ago, painting wooden spoons in Romanian traditional motives. Now she completely restores various objects with her amazing gift and creativity.
The Romanian Blouse – In order to save some precious pieces of handmade embroidery and Romanian heritage, Anda Ene started to collect and restore traditional Romanian blouses (ie). She is now a high-profile designer and will be present in Brussels with her amazing creations at our event.
Stella Ciobanasu – creates unique handcrafted jewelry. Her love for contemporary art and her passion for out of the ordinary drove her into this never-ending, creative journey.
Mona Nourescu – Mother, a humble artists and a fine arts teacher. In the little free time she has left, she enjoys painting on various surfaces that could be reused, such as clothes and accessories:  
RO 100 – the Belgian branch of a Romanian civic platform encouraging civic engagement in Romania and abroad.  Their products are handmade by two Romanian architects living in Brussels and Bucharest, Diana Cojocaru and Ioana Neacsu :  
Magic Roots: an online shop that promotes Romanian culture through traditional & authentic products manufactured by small artisans from Romania: honey, zacusca, sauces, jams, teas, tinctures and all kind of other magic potions.
Dive into the celebration of spring and indulge yourself with some unique flavors and particular art! 

How can you pay?

As far as payments are concerned, they can be made mostly with cash or by using your smartphone bancontact app. Thus, we advise you to bring cash to purchase the items your heart desires.

Let's stay safe

It is of utmost importance to protect everyone’s health, therefore a limited number of people can shop at the same time (children under 12 are an exception). Masks are mandatory (and don’t forget to wash your hands)🧼🤲🏻.
Hope to see you all there, meet and celebrate spring together!

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