Spring Equinox: Romanian traditions and beliefs

While Romanian tradition welcomes spring on the 1st of March, now we are getting closer to the astronomical spring. What does this mean?

The spring equinox, also known as the vernal equinox is the time when day and night become equal, all over the globe. This happens on the 20th of March.

On this day, the night becomes equal to the day in any place on Earth. Long story short…the spring equinox is the time when the Earth is closest to the Sun.

Taking a leap back into the past, the Equinox was always viewed as a joyful holiday, centered around rebirth and growth; the arrival of spring that brings the Earth back to live. It is also known as the festival of awakening.

Romanian traditions for Equinox

Romanian heritage sprinkles some magic over the significance of this event.

The day marks the beginning of the new agricultural year. A regional archaic custom was that children of the village would ritually beat the ground with sticks in order to drive away the cold, while also chanting a specific song “Intră frig şi ieşi căldură/ Să se facă

vreme bună/ Pe la noi pe bătătură”.

In the same day, the children, together with the teens, gather around in groups of 3 or 8 people, decorate a flowering branch and go carolling from house to house singing different Romanian folk songs.

It is also said that, the girls wear the flowers tangled in their hair. It is thought that they have the power to help their hair grow and shine and keep their heart young.

In ancient times, fires were also lit, to burn away the winder, and to revive the sprit of spring through its warmth.

On the occasion of the equinox, the beginning of the plow is also celebrated, a moment consecrated in almost all cultures of the world, regardless of their religion.

Seeking balance

Looking from a different angle, the Equinox brings  balance, not only at the level of external nature (the environment that surrounds us), but also at the level of our internal nature.

To be more precise, when the diurnal and nocturnal energies are in a perfect balance, or when the spiritual and earthly/material energies are in a perfect balance, our human energetic system is balancing as well, finding peace and harmony.

So, let's take together some time to align to the new energy, emerge into the tradition and welcome spring with open arms and hearts!

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