TOP 5 rare finds: Romanian products

Nowadays, the products you need may be just one Google search & click away.

Sooo...what do you take into account when choosing the foods you are consuming?

You can either go for something produced in industrial quantities... Or something authentic, produced with love and passion by small artisans that intend to pass on the traditional recipes and that home like taste. 

The difference lies not only in the emotion and intention behind the product, but also in the meticulous work and the ingredients that are carefully picked...not to mention the nutritional value and the vitamin intake of each of them. 

At Magic Roots, we are always looking to bring you exclusive authentic products, that will satisfy your needs and taste, while contributing to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced alimentation. You know.... courtesy of Mother nature and its magic :).

All products in our shop are made by small artisans from Romania, who use traditional recipes. Honestly, these products are like small treasures, because they replicate the home-made taste, plus they are quite hard to find.

So here is out TOP 5 rare finds: authentic Romanian products, that will wake up your senses with their unique palette of taste and flavour.

1. Pumpkin seed oil

Produced by LUNA SOLAI - a premium brand of cold pressed oil from Romania, Transylvania. It all started in a small village called Luna (Moon), in 1998. 

 Since then, they are producing high quality oil from raw seeds that are carefully selected, and not subjected to thermal or chemical treatments, keeping their healthy properties and their unique savor.  

Benefits and recommendations: not only it's complex of vitamins and minerals is a gold mine (vitamins A (beta-carotene), vitamin E, B1, B2, vitamin C, and niacin; Omega 3, 6 and 9, iron, fluorine, iodine, potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, sodium, phosphorus, selenium, sulfur, zinc) but it known for its positive effects in various medical conditions, from intestinal parasites to cholesterol regulation and balancing the nervous system. 

For a better understanding, you can read this article. This cold pressed oil one of a kind can bring that special taste to your salad, and it can be on your table sooner that you think - check more about it out on our website.

2. Raspberry honey

This fragrant honey has a special, fresh and fruity aroma and it is consider to be one of the most refined and Romanian specialties. 

The beekeepers pick up this particular honey after they move their bee hives the raspberry meadows that can be found in the mountains.

Benefits and recommendations: it's unique, but it also has some therapeutic effects and healthy properties, regulating ovaries activities, being a natural remedy for cold and flus and preventing osteoporosis. Besides that, it can be also used in cosmetic treatments and hair or facial masks or it can substitute sugar in your tea/coffee. 

Interested to get your raspberry honey now? BUY HERE!

3. Dried boletus mushrooms

Not only known for their flavour, these mushrooms are considered the Chef's favorites, as they are low in calories but have a great nutritional value. 

The dried mushrooms produced by Bunatati Uscate, a small artisan family from Apuseni,

Romania, that decided to give up the city life and turn back to nature. They are obtained through dehydration, with no additives or preservatives. This process helps the conservation in a more chemical free manner. 

Benefits and recommendations: They are high in vitamin B complex, vitamin D and minerals like selenium, manganese, zinc, copper, iodine. For some detailed information, have a look here, and see how you could use them to take your dishes to a higher level. 

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4. Plum jam - sugar free

The plum jam will take you in a time travel kind of experience, right back to your childhood. It is produced with love and patience by Mama Vio, that cooks it for 20-25 hours, late at night, at slow fire.

Otherwise, the taste wouldn't be the same. added sugar, so the sweetness comes from a natural source - the plums.

Benefits and recommendations: In terms of nutritional aspects, the plum ham is rich in vitamins (vitamin E, an ally against aging and antioxidant power; vitamin A vitamin C ) and minerals (K, Fe, Ca, Mg), improving depressive episodes and anemia. It is also rich in fiber, recommended for weight-loss diets, used in small quantities in order to substitute the sweet cravings.

In mood for pancakes? Let's do it as in childhood this time. You can find it here!

5. Traditional fruit tea

A healthy tea variation, from the same producers, Bunatati Uscate. Their love for nature and for preserving aliments in a healthy manner is what drives them to create these amazing products. 

The process stays the same: obtained by dehydration, and the ingredients vary in quantities: rosehips, quince, apple, aronia, sour cherry with seeds. 

Benefits and recommendations: Full of antioxidants, the fruit tea is a healthier choice, especially comparing to coffee or black tea. Not only it can help boosting your immune system, but it is also a great and tasty way to start your morning or to relax after a long working day. As it does not contain neither caffeine, nor theanine, it won't be a perturbator factor to your sleep and you can still enjoy your hot beverage. Find out more about the benefits of fruit tea here

In the meantime, feel free to discover it here, and go straight to the source!


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