Magic Roots Opens its first boutique in Brussels, Belgium

We are thrilled to announce the official opening of our physical store, Magic Roots, located at Rue Gray 9, 1040, Brussels. After much hard work and dedication, we are delighted to invite you to discover a magical world filled with natural and organic products, carefully selected to enhance your lifestyle and well-being.

Place in the middle of the European Neighborhood in Brussels, our boutique captures the essence of the Romanian design and successfully promotes Romania's image to the international community.

What Can You Find at Magic Roots?

  • Natural remedies for different conditions - medicinal plant teas and tinctures
  • Authentic Romanian foods: jams, syrups, oils, zacusca, dried fruits and vegetables
  • Selected Wines - from small wine producers from Romania
  • Cheeses and charcuterie
  • Art and pottery - made by Romanian artisans from Horezu and Marginea
  • Natural Cosmetics: make-up, face and body creams and lotions, essential oils
  • Romanian Blouses - authentic and hand-made.

Free Events and Tastings

We often organise different events in our boutique. If you want to be notified and receive an invitation,, subscribe to our newsletter. Come and enjoy:

  • Organic Product Tastings: Discover the authentic taste of organic foods, including fruits, vegetables, juices, and other delicacies.
  • Workshops: Learn how to create your own personal care products using natural ingredients or how to eat healthy, how to pair wines and so much more.
  • Wine Tastings: together with other wine producers, we organise regularly wine tastings where you are able to experience the aroma and discover the story of Romanian wines.

Where you find us?

Rue Murillo 49, 1040, Brussels

We look forward to welcome you in our shop. Or you can continue enjoying our online shop.

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