About Magic Roots

Magic Roots was established from our passion to give customers the opportunity to use efficient natural products and to taste healthy and delicious Romanian foods.

We have chosen only the best products of best small manufacturers for our web shop.

The products we have chosen are breaking myths, whereby natural products are hard to find and expensive.

All our partners are certified manufacturers and come from Romania. We intentionally work with small family businesses for two reasons: we want you to have unique products and we also want to support these amazing keepers of ancestral recipes and customs.

We hope you enjoy your visit on our web shop and as our customer we’re always willing to help you in the best possible way.

We are happy to receive any feedback or suggestions and our competent customer service will help you with any questions concerning the products or making an order. 

Who are we

Mother and daughter, Cristina and Madalina started Magic Roots concept from the desire to make available to the Western Europeans exclusive and rare Romanian products. Victor, Cristina's husband is helping them closely.

Both working in different Western European countries for the past 20 years, they realised it was impossible to find there specific products they needed (like medicinal teas and other remedies). And this is how idea of Magic Roots was born.

The two joined forces and in 2019 started the online shop with few natural teas and honey products. They started selling first products that themselves were using and they were sure of quality. 

Cristina and Madalina lived in separate countries for more than 15 years, but now they both live in Belgium and work tirelessly together to promote a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, through rare and original products of Romanian origin. They are closely supported by Victor, Cristina's husband.


Cristina Rarinca

Cristina Rarinca, Chief Wizz

Cristina has been all her life passionate about natural teas and organic products. She is also a great cook of traditional Romanian dishes, therefore she knows how to select for our shop the best ingredients.

She is an expert in social studies and is a volunteer for an elderly nursing home in Brussels.

Cristina is mostly shy, but she carries a great power of bringing things to fruition, she is the real force behind Magic Roots. Plus, she has a smile in store for everyone.

At Magic Roots, Cristina is responsible of selecting the manufacturers, testing the products, client service and daily overall management of the shop. She speaks French, Spanish and Romanian.

Madalina Mocanu

Madalina Mocanu, Digital Wizz

Madalina is a driven and creative young professional, who built a successful career in European affairs. She loves writing and tinkering words.

After she experienced a burnout in 2016, she took few sabbatical years, exploring different restorative methods for her body and mind. She found a great help in using natural remedies that her mom recommended.

Recently back in the fast-paced working environment, Madalina is now happy to have found a recipe for a balanced life. At Magic Roots she is responsible for Public Relations, Marketing and Sales.

Victor Rarinca

Victor Rarinca, Customer Service Wizz

Victor, is maybe the warmest and kindest person you will ever meet.

Currently working as officer manager in a corporation in Brussels, he is also a social butterfly.

Previously a shop-owner, he always loves to interact with new people and knows how to negotiate deals.

Victor speaks fluently Romanian, French, English and Spanish He loves a good red wine, fast cars and travelling.

At Magic Roots, he does the heavy-lifting (literally). He is in charge of distribution & delivery.