NATURE has always been the source for food, water and natural cures for humans. In many places in Romania, nature remains untouched and the plants that grow there keep the remedial and energetic properties they possessed for centuries.

Even philosophers like Seneca or Herodotus mention in their writings the “magic herbs” and the skills of the Dacians to process them into healing ointments and potions.

Nature keeps all the secrets for a healthy life

Romanians kept these “magic” recipes from generation to generation and still use these plants thousands of years later to improve health and cure different diseases.

Honey is known to be produced on Romanian land from about 7.000 B.C. and used as food, medicine and tonic. Dacians were actually one of the biggest exporters of honey from the Tomis port towards Greece and then all over the world.

Centuries later, science confirms the magical properties of honey and of medicinal plants, used today as natural cures and for prevention of different diseases.

The tradition of apiculture and the production of natural teas spanned the r centuries, maintaining the ancient recipes and the natural legacy that the land was gifted with.

Magic Roots is your source for 100% natural products, carefully selected from small Romanians artisans. With their passion and love for tradition and nature, they continue to bring to our homes the best for our bodies and our health.

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